Selecting Baby Bottles

When it comes to feeding babies, either with infant formula or breast milk, selecting the right baby bottles will help baby receive the proper nutrition and aid in the transition from breast to bottle.   Therefore, before baby arrives, parents should determine if they are going to use infant formula, breastfeed or both.

In preparation for baby’s arrival, baby bottles and breastfeeding supplies should be selected and purchased.

Bottle Feeding

A Guide to Selecting Baby Bottles & Nipples

Babies can be very selective with which bottles and nipples they prefer.  Parents will also have their own preferences when it comes to which brand of baby bottles and nipples they prefer, too. Ultimately, parents of newborns will try several types of baby bottles before selecting the infant bottle that works best for their baby.

To help parents get started, we recommend they register or buy 2-3 different newborn baby bottle starter sets.  These sets provides the newborn essential bottle items needed by new parents to feed their baby. They feature specially-designed bottles and nipples to reduce colic, gas, and spitting up.


5 Top Baby Bottle Brands that Parents Love

Photo Credit: Munchkin

Munchkin LATCH Gift Set

This BPA-free Newborn Bottle Gift Set has all of the essentials you will need for your newborn baby. Winner of the 2015 American Baby’s Best Award for Best Bottle Chosen by Moms.

Set Includes:

Two 4oz LATCH Bottles with Stage 1 Nipples (slow flow)

Two 8oz LATCH Bottles with Stage 2 Nipples (medium flow)

One LATCH Newborn Pacifier (0+ month)

One LATCH Deluxe Bottle and Valve Brush

Two LATCH Pump Adapters

Four LATCH Sealing Discs

Number of Pieces 12

Price:  $16.15

Photo Credit: Dr. Brown’s

Dr. Brown’s Options Wide Newborn Feeding Gift Set

The Dr. Brown’s Options Wide Neck Newborn Feeding Set gets a new family off to a good start with the items needed for feeding a baby.

Set includes:
Three 9 oz. wide-neck bottles
Two 5 oz. wide-neck bottles
Two extra level-two silicone nipples
Two storage/travel caps
Three cleaning brushes
Number of Pieces: 12

Price:  approximately $24.99

Photo Credit: MaM

MAM Baby Bottles

The Infant Basics Gift are Anti-Colic bottles that have a SkinSoft™ textured nipple that is easily accepted by babies and a patented vented base that regulates pressure ensuring babies do not get air in their tummy while feeding.

Set includes:

Two 5 oz. Anti-Colic bottles

Two 9oz. Anti-Colic bottles

One medium flow nipple

One fast flow nipple

One Start newborn pacifier

One pacifier clip

One Soft Brush

Number of Pieces: 9

Price:   $29.99

Photo Credit: EvenFlo

Evenflo Baby Bottle

Balance + Wide Neck Bottle supports healthy bottle-feeding and latch. Balance + Pacifier promotes tongue cupping, mimicking baby’s tongue while breastfeeding.  A must-have assortment of feeding and soothing essentials for new parents.

Included Items:

Two 5 fl. oz. Balance + Wide Neck Bottles
Two 9 fl. oz. Balance + Wide Neck Bottles
Four Balance + Wide Neck Slow Flow Nipples
Four Balance + Wide Neck Cap Rings
Four Balance + Wide Neck Hoods                                                                                                                                                  One 5 fl. oz. Soft-flo Trainer Cup
One Soft-flo Spout with Valve
One Soft-flo Trainer Handle
One Soft-Flo Cap Ring
One Soft-Flo Hood
One Balance + Cylindrical Silicone Pacifier – 0 Months+
One Evenflo Soft Silicone Teether

Number of Pieces: 7

Price:  $19.99

Photo Credit: Playtex


Playtex Baby Nurser Bottle with Drop-in Disposable Liners Gift Set

The Playtex Baby Nurser with Drop-Ins Liners Newborn Gift Set includes everything you need to meet your baby’s growing needs:

Set Includes:
One-4oz bottles.
Two 8-10oz bottles
Two NaturaLatch Slow Nipple                                                                                                                                                    Two NaturaLatch Medium Nipple
Thirty Pre-sterilized 4oz Drop-Ins Liners
Thirty Pre-sterilized 8-10oz Drop-Ins® Liners

Number of Pieces: 9

Prices: $16.49

Babies usually feed on bottles until they are at least one year old.  According to The American Academy of Pediactrics the age of one is the ideal time to introduce babies to Cow’s milk.

How much should be babies eat?  Read our post on newborn feeding schedules, top formulas and infant nutritician here.

There are many baby bottle accessories available to parents.  Read our post on baby sterilizers, drying racks, baby dish soaps and bottle warmers for added information on baby bottles.



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