Wednesday, 3 Mar 2021

Party Decorations

Thanksgiving Table For Kids

Easily, Decorate a Festive Kids Table for Thanksgiving

Celebrating Thanksgiving always invokes a sense of excitement and fun for kids.  They look forward to seeing their family and friends gathered together to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal.  Then comes the dreaded “you are a kid so you have to sit at the kids table” moment.  Kids dislike sitting at the kids table because […]

Christmas Village

Christmas Villages 101: Getting Started

Christmas Villages have grown in popularity over the years. These small decorative buildings have gone from being simple displays to becoming elaborate works of art. If you have always dreamed of starting a Christmas Village collection, here are some tips to get started. Decide on a General Style for the Village There are many different […]


8 Pink Balloon Garlands for Kids Parties

Balloons are an important part of every kids’ party as they set the theme, mood and décor for the party.  Kids know its party time when they see these balloon garlands.  Use balloon garlands for birthdays, graduations, proms and holiday celebrations.  Here are 8 creative balloon garland ideas that are perfect for a party backdrop to […]


8 Boy’s Party Balloon Garland Ideas

The easiest way to spruce up your son’s party is by decorating with balloon garlands.  You can have a professional party store install balloon garlands at your event or you can DIY with party balloon garland kits available in various shapes and colors.  To get you started, we have gathered a few boy’s party balloon […]