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Easily, Decorate a Festive Kids Table for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Table For Kids

Celebrating Thanksgiving always invokes a sense of excitement and fun for kids.  They look forward to seeing their family and friends gathered together to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal.  Then comes the dreaded “you are a kid so you have to sit at the kids table” moment.  Kids dislike sitting at the kids table because they are often excluded, positioned off to the side of the room away from the adults, rarely look as pretty as the family table and, well, is not fun.

When you are a busy parent who has to prepare Thanksgiving dinner, decorate the family table and make the house festive, tackling the added task of decorating a kids table may seem overwhelming.

To help you, quickly & easily, decorate a fun Thanksgiving kids table, we have put together these great ideas for your design inspiration & guidance.

What You’ll Need to Decorate a Kids Thanksgiving Table

  1. Small Table with Kid Size Chairs
  2. Thanksgiving Table Cloth
  3. Thanksgiving Napkins
  4. Cutlery
  5. Thanksgiving Paper Plates & Cups
  6. Thanksgiving Centerpiece
  7. Activity Place Mats

7 Ideas for a Festive Kids’ Thanksgiving Table

  1. Easy DIY Kids Thanksgiving Table Ideas Here
  2. Whoo’s Thankful Kids Thanksgiving Table Ideas Here
  3. Thanksgiving Kiddie Table Here
  4. Thanksgiving Kids Table Idea Here
  5. Lia Griffith Thanksgiving Kids Table Here
  6. Simple & Easy to DIY Kids Thanksgiving Table Idea Here
  7. Kids Thanksgiving Party Table Idea Here

7 Design Tips for the Perfect Kids’ Thanksgiving Table

  1. Use a small foldable table
  2. Make kid size food
  3. Serve their favorite dishes
  4. Use kid appropriate dinnerware
  5. Include activities to keep them entertained
  6. Use fun decorations
  7. Personalize table settings

Designate half an hour to put it all together.

Its always special when kids enjoy thanksgiving as much as the adults.  One special way to do this is to decorate a beautiful & festive table for them.  It’s also is wonderful way to symbolize the importance of Thanksgiving to the future generation.

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