How to Make a Princess Doll Cake

Princess Doll Cake

How to Make a Princess Cake

(Family Features) Having a princess party theme for your daughter doesn’t have to be intimidating. Delighting your little princess with a magical event can actually be easier than you may think.

Among all the Princess party decorations, party food items and party entertainment you will need to include a show stopping Princess cake.  Here, we present to you an easy DIY edible, eye-catching party centerpiece idea, a Princess Doll Cake.

This Princess Doll Cake can be made by following these easy, DIY, step-by-step instructions.

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Princess Doll Cake Recipe

Cake Ingredients

4 cake mixes, any flavor, or homemade cakes, divided
4-5 containers premade buttercream icing, any color (or buy white and tint) or homemade buttercream icing recipe
1 princess doll
1 piping bag
1 piping tip, any size and design
1 bottle sprinkles, any style (optional)

Baking Instructions

Heat oven to 325 F.

Use two cake mixes to make four 8-inch round cakes.

Tip: To make cake white and moist, only add in egg whites called for on box.

In metal cake pans, bake 25 minutes. Cool on wire racks.

Make remaining cake mixes according to package instructions and pour into oven-safe glass bowl to make dome layer.

Bake 45 minutes then check every 15 minutes until cake is thoroughly baked.

Cake is done when toothpick or straw comes out clean from center of cake.

Cool on wire rack.

Carefully remove cake from glass bowl.

Assembling Instructions

Wrap all layers in cellophane and place in freezer 45 minutes.

Trim off top of each round cake to make layers more level.

Cut hole in center of each round layer.

Trim off flat end of dome layer until it fits on top of round layers.

Cut hole in middle of dome layer.

To make first layer: Place layer on top of plate or cake turntable.

Put three dollops icing on first layer and, using icing spatula, spread around top of layer.

Place parchment paper pieces underneath edges to keep plate or turntable clean of icing.

Place second layer on top of first layer, lining up cutout centers then dollop with icing and spread over top.

Repeat with third and fourth layers, ensuring cutout centers line up.

Place dome layer on top. Dollop with icing and spread over dome.

Place dollop of icing at top of cake and start working down sides of cake adding more icing to create thin crumb coat layer on entire cake.

Freeze cake 45 minutes.

Place 3-4 generous dollops of icing at top of cake and start working down sides of cake adding more icing, as necessary, to completely cover cake. Using spatula, wipe icing inside cutout area.

Using spatula, make swirly moves all over cake to give it some texture.
Wrap doll in cellophane under arms to feet to protect outfit that comes with doll.

Place doll in center of cake.

Using spatula, add some icing where doll and cake meet to cover any gaps.

With piping bag and tip, pipe on bodice of doll and over shoulders for straps.

Add sprinkles, if desired, on bodice and decorate as desired.

Tip: To make cake white and moist, only add egg whites per box instructions.


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