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Six Things You Need to Know About Having Children

No one ever complained that they were too well-informed about raising a child! Deciding whether to have children is perhaps the most important decision anyone ever makes. How will your life change? Can you afford it? Isn’t the world already overcrowded? As you chew it over, keep the following in mind. 1) You must be […]

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8 Causes of Child Abuse and Neglect

Parental Factors that Contribute to Child Abuse and Neglect Reports of crimes against children are featured in every newspaper, in every country, on a regular basis. Understanding the parental factors that contribute to the crimes of child abuse and neglect can help focus services. And, properly focused services could reduce many of the contributing factors. […]

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Blue Halloween Bucket

How a Blue Halloween Bucket Helps Children with Autism

What does it mean when you see a blue pumpkin or bucket this Halloween? With Halloween approaching, parents have a fun new way to make trick-or- treating inclusive for all children, especially kids with Autism. A blue pumpkin is used to symbolize Autism. If carried by a trick-or-treater it means they may have certain needs. […]

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Girl Scouts STEM Award

STEM Badges Awarded to Girl Scouts at Microsoft Store

Girl Scouts Earn STEM Award from Microsoft A new partnership between Microsoft Stores and Girl Scouts of the USA, girls will be able to learn digital skills and earn different STEM badges. Early, this year, several Girl Scouts participated in a STEM badge workshop at a Microsoft Store in NorthPark Center in Dallas.  While there, […]

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Halloween Spooky Cans Crafts

Spooky Cans Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween Spooky Cans ( Get the kids involved with Halloween decorations this year with these easy-to-make “spooky cans” resembling a bat, Frankenstein and a mummy. For more craft ideas, visit Spooky Bat 1 soup can 1 paint brush 1 bottle black acrylic paint 1 white fabric marker 1 black foam sheet scissors 1 white […]

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Tips for Keeping Baby Healthy

3 Tips for a Healthy Baby (Family Features) When you’re a new parent, once you’ve successfully navigated the first car ride home from the hospital and the euphoria of this new little life begins to fade, you’re left with one resounding question: now what? Over the years, you’ll have many responsibilities as a parent, but […]

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2 Breakfast Ideas for School Mornings

School Mornings Made Easy (Family Features) Most parents know the first few weeks of school season and new daily routines can be hectic. From stocking up on school supplies to finishing up homework, there’s few unused minutes in the day. One thing that’s particularly easy to forget in the mad dash to catch the bus […]

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How to Take Care of Baby’s Umbilical Cord

Newborn Umbilical Cord Care What is The Umbilical Cord and What Does it Do The umbilical cord is a conduit that connects the fetus to the placenta. It provides nutrients and oxygen from you to your baby during pregnancy.  After birth, the umbilical cord is clamped and cut. This leaves behind a short stump. Taking […]

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