Five Budget Friendly Kids Party Venue Ideas

Here are 5 recommendations for party venues you can take your child and their friends that are affordable and loads of fun. Each of these options will cost you between $100 to $300 dollars or less.

Movie Theater

The cost per ticket x the number of guests may be less than the cost of some popular venues. Many movie theaters have group discounts which can significantly reduce the cost. Some theaters also have special times when they show last year’s films for free. Food, snacks and beverages are readily available. And instead of a large cake you can serve cupcakes which are convenient to eat in a movie theater. Or, cake can be given decoratively wrapped as party favors.

Pizza Parlor

A pizza parlor has enough seating to accommodate your guests. Check with your local pizza parlor for their party packages which typically equals the cost of the amount of pizzas you order with free drinks. You can decorate with balloons and serve birthday cake.

The Park

If the weather is good, you can have a birthday party in the park. And its free. Invite your child’s guests to meet your family at the park. Set up a table with party decorations, food and cake. There are many activities in the park for kids to enjoy, like swings and slides.

Hotel Room

If you child’s is a tween or teenager they will love having their party in a hotel room. The Cost of renting a hotel room for one night can be a lot less then renting a hall depending on the hotel. The good thing is all the amenities (pool, spa, room service) available to hotel guests will be available to your child’s guests.


Most kids love to go to the pool. Most public pools will host kids parties. Inexpensive, they provide seating areas where you can set up food and cake. Also, included are lifeguards to keep your children safe.

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