5 Autumn Color Palettes for Baby’s Room

fall colors palettes

Find the perfect autumn color for your baby’s room with these 5 color palettes

If you love the fall season and you are expecting a baby, you may be inspired to design an Autumn themed nursery.  Autumn is that time of the year when  foliage turns various shades of red, yellow, purple, black, blue, orange, magenta and brown.  Autumn’s colorful foliage is a great reference place to look for paint color inspiration when designing your baby’s nursery. These shades are foolproof colors that are sure to give your baby’s room a warm, comfy and Autumn feel yet still have the flexibility to adapt the space as your child grows up.

Fall Color Palettes

fall colors yellow hues
Fall Paint Color harvest hues
fall color pallet blue hues
Fall color orange hues
fall color pallette reds

We hope these five color palette selections will help guide you in selecting the perfect color and or accent colors for your baby’s nursery.

fall water color painting



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