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Furnishing a Nursery – A Checklist for the Parents-to-Be

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Furnishing a Nursery – A Checklist for the Mother-to-Be

Furnishing a nursery for your baby can be as confusing as it is exciting.  As a parent(s)-to-be, you can easily get caught up in the decorating aspect of your baby’s nursery and forget some of the most important things your newborn baby will need.

Decorating the baby nursery doesn’t have to be overwhelming. This baby nursery checklist can help you stock your baby’s nursery with items you will definitely use.

1. Clothing, Diapers, Bedding, and Bath for the New Baby

When furnishing a nursery, don’t forget to have all the needed clothes, bedding, and bath items made specifically for a newborn. The baby will need at least five to ten rompers or onesies, at least five sleepers, several pairs of baby socks, and several newborn hats. You should have at least two packs of newborn or small (depending on baby’s weight) disposable diapers, or plenty of cloth diapers to last at least a couple of days. Keep a large box of wipes on hand at all times.

For bedding, the baby should have at least five swaddling blankets, and several fitted crib sheets or cradle sheets. Also, have a couple of thicker baby quilts on hand for cool nights. For bath, buy at least five soft baby hooded towels and wash cloths, gentle baby wash, a digital thermometer, a nose suction cleaner for babies, and baby nail clippers. Be sure to buy a bath tub made for newborns that fits nicely into your adult bath tub.

It’s a good idea to buy a pack of cloth diapers even if you plan to use disposable diapers. Cloth diapers make excellent burp cloths after feedings without staining your baby’s good blankets.

2. Furnishing a Nursery with a Crib and Changing Table

Shop around for the best possible crib that meets all safety standards. Look for one with rails close together and with a tight fit for the mattress (to prevent the baby from getting caught in between the mattress and side rails). Also, be sure the crib is sturdy and quiet as you slide the guard rails up and down. The crib should be at a height that’s comfortable for you to reach the baby when needed.

The changing table should be of sturdy construction with protective sides that are tall enough so the baby can’t roll off. Some changing tables even have straps to fasten the baby during changing. Also, be sure the table has easy access to all the items you need when changing the baby – pampers, powders, wipes, lotion, and a change of clothes. Pick out a changing table with the proper height so you won’t have to bend over to change the baby. This could really hurt your back after giving birth!

3. Baby Monitor

Furnishing a nursery with a baby monitor is a wise choice if you don’t want to worry yourself 24/7. When the baby cries at night, you’ll be able to hear through the baby monitor so you can tend to your little one’s needs. A baby monitor should be of good quality with proper amplification and a proper range depending on the size of your home and how far your own room is from the baby’s room. Many modern day monitors allow you to watch the baby on video as well. Also, look for portability. It’s convenient if you can carry the monitor with you as you do housework while the baby is sleeping – especially if you live in a large house.

4. Rocking Chair and Swing

Though not necessary, many parents will argue that a rocking chair and baby swing are two must-haves in a nursery. Babies love motion so rocking and swinging are the two quickest ways to get them to sleep. You can use a traditional rocking chair or a glider rocker. With carpet, glider chairs are usually best. With a wooden or laminate floor, either will work well. Choose a rocking chair that doesn’t creak a whole lot, and make sure it is comfortable for you as you hold the baby.

The baby swing should be durable and dependable. Make sure it swings on a timer quietly so your baby can sleep in the swing for a while. Choose a baby swing that offers plenty of support for your tiny one without sacrificing comfort.

5. Other Needful Baby Nursery Items

When furnishing a nursery, be sure to include items such as a diaper pail, a baby carrier that rocks, a stroller, a diaper bag, baby clothes detergent, a laundry bag or basket, infant gas relief drops, pacifiers, an infant bouncer, and a play gym. If breastfeeding, be sure to stock all the items you’ll need for this task – breast pump, a nursing bra, breast pads, lanolin cream, and breast milk freezer storage containers.

Keep this checklist handy when furnishing a nursery for your baby so you’ll have all the essentials when your bundle of joy arrives!

by Candice Pardue

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