Baby Essentials – The Quintessential Guide

Baby Essentials

Your baby will be here soon and it is time to get the baby essentials in order

Babies are really just miniature people. They have their own specific needs, idiosyncrasies and quirks — just like you do. That is part of why certain baby products can be bought before your little one arrives and others should just sit on the store shelf until you need them — if you need them at all! Here is the lowdown on what you absolutely need for your baby essentials.


First order of business on the baby essentials list is the subject that every new parent worries about the most: diapers. Yes, you would not trade parenthood for the world’s greatest riches and you cannot wait to hold your baby.

However, that does not mean that the prospect of being covered with pee and poop is very endearing. You need diapers and you need them right away.

Newborns poop a lot, as in you can expect to go through at least 70 diapers a week, probably more. On top of that, baby skin is extremely delicate, so you must be fastidious about changing your little one frequently. You can choose disposable diapers, but understand these are more expensive (and less environmentally friendly) than cloth diapers. However, the time and money you save by tossing instead of washing (which you will have to do with cloth) might be worth the extra expense. Here are the periphery supplies you will need for diaper changes.

· Disposable Baby Wipes: Stick with wipes that are kind to sensitive skin to prevent reactive rashes.

· Diaper Rash Cream: Diaper rash is almost inevitable at some point. In fact, many parents include a preventative layer of cream with each diaper change to avoid a potential rash.

· Petroleum Jelly or Cream: If your baby is a boy, you will be grateful to have this on hand. Certain parts of his circumcised anatomy can get, um, stuck to the diaper. The jelly helps spare him from unnecessary pain and discomfort.

· Changing Pads: Spare yourself from unnecessary laundry and get a few of these. If you need to wait, a clean and comfortable towel does the trick, too.
Bedding and Clothing.

These two necessities go together because both protect and shroud your baby. Both also will need frequent changing and laundering because babies are messy, messy, and messy! Here are the main things you will need.


· Head Caps: Newborns lose a great deal of body heat through their heads because they are still trying to adjust to life on the outside. Make sure to have a couple in stock and make sure to keep it on your precious baby’s head.

· Socks and Mittens: Socks are needed to help preserve body heat, too. Resist the urge to play with her precious toes, at least in the beginning. Keep those socks on!

Baby mittens are important because newborns have a habit of scratching their little, adorable faces. Mittens protect them from themselves, keeping them super photo-ready!

· Onesies: You probably cannot have enough of these, honestly. Babies will have accidents and onesies will be the recipients of these ‘uh-oh’ moments.

Yes, these clothing items will need some laundering as the rest, but the detachable bottom piece that lets you change him in an instant without having to remove any other clothing makes onesies worth it.

· Shirts and Pants: Interior layers of clothing, like onesies, are great. Secondary layers, like shirts and pants? Separates will be your best clothing friend. Accidents happen. Dressing your little one in separates lets you change a top or bottom without needing to overhaul the complete outfit. Make sure pants are snug, but get shirts with a bit of wiggle room.

· Outerwear: Depending on your region and the season, you can fudge this a bit. If you live in a cooler climate, outerwear is immediately necessary. Make sure the material is insulated with hems that are elastic to protect your baby’s skin from the element. Avoid choking hazards like strings or anything else that dangles. If you live in a warmer climate, layers of blankets can replace outerwear and that brings us to…


Your baby’s bedding should be clean and comfortable, but not too elaborate. Bedding made of intricate and ornate materials could pose a suffocation hazard for babies, especially during the phase when he learns to turn over on his own. Avoid pillows. Those also pose suffocation dangers for little ones. Save the fancy stuff for later and get safe, functional bedding for now.

Here is what you need:

· Fitted Bed Sheets: Make sure you have at least two of these sheets in case an accident happens.

· Mattress Pad: Quilted ones are nice and comfortable for babies, but make sure the pad securely fits the sleeping area. You do not want excess material posing a hazard for your little one.

· Waterproof Pad: Once again, babies = accidents. Protect the sleeping area so that it stays comfortable and clean for the baby.

· Blankets: Blankets do not need to be too heavy. A couple of sturdy, light blankets should be just fine.


If you are breastfeeding, the necessities are almost explanatory. You will want to invest in a safe protective cream in the event of cracked and inflamed skin that can affect breasts during the feeding process.

If you plan to store breast milk for later feedings, invest in a breast pump that comes with bottles. If you are planning to feed your baby formula or supplement by alternating, here is what you need:

· Bottles: Newborns do not consume as much, so stick to four oz. bottles during this time (eight oz. for older babies). Make sure to sanitize the bottles whenever you get the chance. Plastic bottles have a shelf life, so try to replace these items every three months. Glass bottles are available, but are not as convenient as plastic ones.

· Brush: You will need a bottle brush to effectively clean bottles. Bits of formula can stick to the bottom edges and you want to be sure to clean that out before use.

Baby Products

Here are the baby products you will need (or want):

· Bassinet: Easier to keep baby at your side during naptime and sleep.

· Swing: This life-saving product will keep your baby occupied and induce naps.

· Car Seat: This is mandatory if you intend on transporting your baby anywhere in a vehicle.

· Baby Tub: Remember not to give baby her first official bath until her belly button has fallen off or his circumcision site has healed. Prior to that, a cloth bath will do.

· Gentle Washcloths and Baby Soap
· Nasal Aspirator
· Baby Nail Clippers

With all that has been written here, there is one thing your baby needs more than anyone or anything else — you!

Now that your product survival list is on hand, you can focus on more immediate things — like your dear child’s arrival. Remember: no parent is perfect, but those who try are more ‘perfect’ than they can possibly know. Good luck and happy parenting!

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