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blueberry Smoothie in Jar

High-Calorie Smoothies Will Help Your Picky Eater

How to Make a Nutritious Smoothie for Toddlers Nothing is more stressful than trying to feed a picky eater. Regardless of what foods you offer your little picky eater they always gets rejected. Toddlers with picky appetites often need more calories and vitamins than they consume. Children under the age of five require extra fat […]

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Easter Sheep

Easter Celebrations – Adding Meaning to Your Holiday

While Christmas gets all the attention, Easter is actually the holiest day on the Christian calendar.  The meaning can get lost among, the chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs, but there are ways to add meaning to your family celebration of Easter. The best Easter traditions provide children and adults alike with a sense of wonder, […]

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Coronavirus COVID-19 image

Coronavirus – Keeping Your Children Safe

With schools closed and many parents working from home, families are spending an increased amount of time together.  Parents are left wondering what they can do to  protect their children from Coronavirus at home, in thwir community and while interacting with family and friends. A good starting point on their inquiry to understanding how to […]

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Classic Children’s Books

Children’s literature features books which, remain popular and, are instantly recognized as classics.  If you are in search of classic children’s books for your children, you can browse our curated ists from around the web.  Wikipedia – List of classic children’s books  Pop Sugar – 20 Must have classic children’s books   Literacy Classics – Top […]

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