Saturday, 2 Dec 2023

Classic Children’s Books

Children’s literature features books which, remain popular and, are instantly recognized as classics.  If you are in search of classic children’s books for your children, you can browse our curated ists from around the web.

  1.  Wikipedia – List of classic children’s books
  2.  Pop Sugar – 20 Must have classic children’s books 
  3.  Literacy Classics – Top 100 list of the all time best classic books for children and young adults  This list of top 100 books for children and young adults is sorted by recommended reading age.
  4. Good Reads – Popular classic kids books 
  5. Common Sense Media – classic books for kids
  6. Real Simple – 35 classic children’s books even adult will love
  7. Barnes & Noble – Children’s classic list of books
  8. Oxford University Press – Oxford’s children’s classic books  This collection features well loved classics children will love and read multiple times.
  9. Library of Congress – A curated list of classic children’s books which can be read online or purchased.
  10. CNN – 15 classic children’s books even adults will love

We hope you enjoy browsing these list of classic children’s books.  Let us know if you found the perfect book to share with your child.

Here are a few of our personal favorite children’s classic books that we have shared with our children.

Little Women

Black Beauty

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The Chronicles of Narnia

Peter Pan

Nancy Drew Mysteries (series)

The Prince & The Pauper

The Secret Garden

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

Charlotte’s Web

The Ugly Duckling

National Velvet

Robin Hood


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