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Unique Child

How to Value A Child’s Uniqueness

Feeling valued is a basic human need It is important for every child to feel valued, especially young children who have not yet developed the self-esteem and judgement required to understand how and why to value themselves. Research has shown that feeling valued is linked to a person’s emotional well-being which in turn creates our […]

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Gold Piggy Bank

Preparing Your Children for Financial Success

Take a moment to reflect on all of the poor financial decisions you have made. Now, imagine your children making similar (or worse) mistakes. Scary picture, isn’t it? Even if you have managed your money wisely, there is always room for improvement with the next generation. A parent’s responsibilities seem to be never ending. Understandably, […]

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Easter Sheep

Easter Celebrations – Adding Meaning to Your Holiday

While Christmas gets all the attention, Easter is actually the holiest day on the Christian calendar.  The meaning can get lost among, the chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs, but there are ways to add meaning to your family celebration of Easter. The best Easter traditions provide children and adults alike with a sense of wonder, […]

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Jlo Emme Super Bowl

Jennifer Lopez Sings Duet with Daughter at Super Bowl

International pop stars, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira perform the half-time show at Super Bowl LIV at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami last night. While their performance was spectacular, the highlight of the show was the mother-daughter duo between Jennifer Lopez and her daughter Emme who sang Lopez’s hit song Let’s Get Loud and Born in […]

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Christmas Tree with Decorations

12 Inexpensive Tree Trimming Crafts Kids will Enjoy

Children enjoy decorating their family’s Christmas trees.  Making their own decorations and hanging them on the Christmas tree invokes, in them, a sense of pride and achievement. Christmas trees can be decorated inexpensively if you and your kids make the ornaments yourselves. It’s not only an inexpensive way to add beauty to your house for […]

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Pink Gold Mickey Mouse Balloon Birthday Party Arch

First Birthday Girl Theme Ideas

Every parent remembers the moment we hear the words “It’s a Girl”.  Its the moment we mentally start planning for every milestone our baby girl will grow to experience.  One of those milestone is her first birthday. It takes a moment to accept but the reality is your baby girl is turning ONE.  And, like […]

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Once Upon A Time Themed Party

Every little girl dreams of living in a castle.  Are you planning a birthday party for your little princess? Here is a first birthday party designed in the Once Upon a Time story theme for your inspiration.  The highlight of this party décor is the beautiful castle cake. This event was decorated by Shabby Choice […]

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Alice in Wonderland Party Planning Guide

Take a look at this inspiring Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party designed by Miss Sugar Festas here Then use our Alice in Wonderland Party Planning Guide to create a magical party for your child. Alice in Wonderland is a classic children’s story written by English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll.  The […]

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Children’s Colorful Playroom Idea

Are you planning on designing a playroom for your child?  Take a look at this fun and creative playroom with lost of storage solutions and a space for naptime.  This beautiful kids playroom is designed by interior designer Bia Prado, from the BZP Architecture office.  It includes areas devoted to toy storage, book storage, a […]

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Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party

“Alice in Wonderland,” by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, is a timeless children’s book which continues to entertain and grow their imaginations.  Countless birthday parties are designed with the ambience of Alice in Wonderland.   Sugar artist, Miss Sugar, use nature to beautifully illustrate her interpretation of Alice in Wonderland.  Take a look at the pictures taken […]

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