Easy DIY Unicorn Cupcake Ideas

Easy & Quick Unicorn Cupcakes Kids Will Love

Are you planning a unicorn themed birthday party for your kids?  Cupcakes are the perfect party food to compliment your unicorn theme.  With all the preparations that go into planning a kids birthday party, to help you save time, we have created a to-do list of the things you will need to create magical unicorn cupcakes your kids will love.

A great cake recipe.  Perhaps you have a favorite family cake recipe that your kids love.  Or, you can use any store bought cake mix like Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines.  Select a flavor that will excite the party guests.  Rainbow and sprinkles are classic favorites.

Cake Frosting.   A good buttercream frosting is often ideal for frosting cupcakes but any type of frosting that you prefer would also work.  Whether you choose a family recipe or  store brand, the key to creating magical unicorn cupcakes is the color choice.  Rainbow, white with sprinkles or lavender are the traditional color options.

Cake Decoration.  And now the fun part.  There are unlimited unicorn cake decorating choices.  Decorative cupcake wrappers, character picks, sugar toppings and cake toppers are readily available and easy to DIY.

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