Saturday, 2 Dec 2023

10 Summer Reading Book Lists for Kids

Why is Summer Reading Important for Kids?

Summer vacation is a time kids look forward to engaging in fun activities.  Encouraging your children to read during their summer vacation benefits them in many way.  Reading their favorite books serves as a source of increasing their vocabulary.  Reading helps to strengthen their writing abilities.  Reading enhances their imaginations.  Reading improves their concentration.  Reading exercises their brains.  Reading is also a fun activity whether its being done alone or in a group setting.

Depending on your child’s age and interests there are a variety of children’s books in various categories to select from.  For this reason, reading children’s book lists is a must.  We all want our kids to read books.  Suggesting great book goes along way to achieving better readers.  We have compiled a list of the Best collection of children’s book lists published on the web for you to select you kids summer.


  1.   We Are Teachers – Summer Reading List For Kids
  2.   Good Reads – Best Kids Summer Reads
  3.   ThoughtCo – Summer Reading List For Boys
  4.   Read Brightly – The Ultimate Summer Reading List for Kids Ages 9-12
  5.   Very Well Family – Summer Reading List for Children Entering First Grade
  6.   Slate – The Very Best Summer Reading List Books For Kids  ??
  7.   New York Public Library – Book Lists for Babies, Toddlers & PreK Kids
  8.   A Mighty Girl – 100 Mighty Girl Books for Tweens Summer – Reading List
  9.   Reading Rockets Org – Summer Reading Guide for Kids of All Ages
  10.   Fast Web – Fun, Smart Summer Reading List for High Students 


Summer reading can be fun and enjoyable for your kids.  This selection of book lists includes a wide range of choices from which your kids are sure to find a favorite book.

Parents often ask How To Prepare Kids for Summer Reading. Here are a some fun tips to encourage reading this summer over at The Children’s Book Review.


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