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gardening with kids

Its Fun Gardening With Your Kids

How to Start a Garden with Your kids So, you want to spend time outside with your kids planting a summer garden.  However, you are not quite sure how to get started.  If you are a parent of toddlers, you are probably wondering if there are any developmental benefits your kids can gain from gardening […]

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  Retro “Threenager” 3rd Birthday Party Planning a birthday party for your three year old can be a bit daunting if you are searching for a unique theme or ideas.  As parents we want to plan the best and most memorable birthday party for our little ones and their friends especially during their early years.  […]

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Jlo Emme Super Bowl

Jennifer Lopez Sings Duet with Daughter at Super Bowl

International pop stars, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira perform the half-time show at Super Bowl LIV at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami last night. While their performance was spectacular, the highlight of the show was the mother-daughter duo between Jennifer Lopez and her daughter Emme who sang Lopez’s hit song Let’s Get Loud and Born in […]

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Frozen 2

Thanksgiving Weekend Kids Movie Guide

Once you have finished enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends, chances are, your children will be exicted to partake in fun activities for the holiday weekend. What’s a family to do this Thanksgiving holiday weekend? A popular activity choice among children is to go to the Theater to see the latest movie premiering during […]

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Disney Plus

Disney Plus Joins The Streaming World

Disney recently joined Netflix in the streaming world with its Disney Plus service. At $7 a month the mega brand is set to attract millions of subscribers seeking to find streaming entertainment choices for their families.  Disney Plus will take you to The Magic Kingdom of Disney with its timeless catalog of movies, shows, animations […]

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Blue Halloween Bucket

How a Blue Halloween Bucket Helps Children with Autism

What does it mean when you see a blue pumpkin or bucket this Halloween? With Halloween approaching, parents have a fun new way to make trick-or- treating inclusive for all children, especially kids with Autism. A blue pumpkin is used to symbolize Autism. If carried by a trick-or-treater it means they may have certain needs. […]

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Halloween Spooky Cans Crafts

Spooky Cans Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween Spooky Cans ( Get the kids involved with Halloween decorations this year with these easy-to-make “spooky cans” resembling a bat, Frankenstein and a mummy. For more craft ideas, visit Spooky Bat 1 soup can 1 paint brush 1 bottle black acrylic paint 1 white fabric marker 1 black foam sheet scissors 1 white […]

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Peeled mellon carved for holloween

A Creative Twist on Halloween Carvings

(Family Features) When it comes to Halloween, carving the same pumpkin designs each year can become routine. This year, save a pumpkin and carve your spooky masterpiece into a watermelon instead. Nutrient-rich watermelon can be a healthy alternative to other sweet treats full of added sugar during Halloween festivities as it’s a source of vitamins […]

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Central Park Carousel with Horses

Activities for Kids in Central Park New York

If you are looking for fun activities to do with your kids this summer, in New York City, plan a visit to Central Park.  You and your kids can explore the man activities at Central Park for kids. Five things to do in Central Park with Your Kids The Central Park Carousel The Carousel is […]

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10 TOP 4th July Kids Activities Websites

4th July Activities for Kids 4th July is a special time to celebrate and educate your children on all the wonderful things that make our Country a Great Nation.  This is also a time to celebrate family and community by participating in July 4th activities with children at home or in your neighborhood.  Whether you […]

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